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Engagement Ring Treasure Hunt


Race around London’s romantic statues to win an
antique engagement ring worth £1000

LoveAntiques is running a unique treasure hunt in London on Saturday 6th February, where one lucky participant will win an antique engagement ring to propose with, worth £1000!

The Valentine’s Day themed treasure hunt will take place around ten of London’s most romantic statues on Saturday the 6th of February.


Engagement Ring From

It works like this …

  1. Enter your email address in the form below:
  2. On the morning of Saturday 6th we will email all registered participants the location of the first statue at 10am.  


Then, on Saturday 6th …

1. When you have reached the first statue, send us a picture of yourself in front of it,
by doing one of the following (no need to do more than one):

a. Text Messaging us on 07917 656 966

b. Direct Messaging us on Twitter (follow us @LoveAntiques) 

c. Emailing us on

2. We will then send you the next clue via that same platform - so on and so forth!

Important note - don't worry, we won't be sharing your photos publicly, so your potential fiance or fiancee won't see what you're up to (and we'll leave it to you to explain what you're doing all day!)



  1. How will I know which statue to go to next?

    We will reply with the next clue or to tell you if you’re not at the right place within 10 minutes, so if you haven’t had a response, go back to the drawing board!

  2. How will the ring be given to the winner?

    The lucky winner will be greeted at the final statue by a LoveAntiques member of staff.

    Make sure you send a selfie of yourself and the statue to the LoveAntiques team, either by email, text or Twitter, so we can identify you and give you your beautiful prize!

  3. Where can you find more antique jewellery?

LoveAntiques has a vast array of antique jewellery from many different periods and a prices to suit every budget.

Enter your email to start the hunt!

Add your email address to the list of people we'll contact with the location of the first statue!

* indicates required


Good luck!

Posted February 2nd, 2016 by LoveAntiques and filed under Just For Fun, Special Occasions

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