How to incorporate Victorian Antiques in the Modern Home

How can you integrate modern Victorian interior design into your home? How is it possible to incorporate the charm of Victorian style into your modern home without appearing too fussy? We’ve taken a look at a number of achievable ways to bring Victorian style into your modern interior.

The Industrial Revolution between 1837 and 1901 saw a huge increase in mass production of items of furniture, with accessibility also came an increase in interest in decorating one’s interior. Traditionally Victorian homes were busy, at times too crammed, today some might wish to  simplify this look in a modern home. The key to incorporating a Victorian style in the home is to try and not fit everything in; in a modern home less is more when it comes to pieces of Victorian furniture.

Be careful when amalgamating modern and Victorian style, as stated before you need to be watchful it does not appear cluttered or messy. The beauty of Victorian antiques is their quality, which is often second to none. Wood such as mahogany, oak and walnut were used, which ensures they are enduring and timeless. Wooden furniture pieces were often carved, elaborate and decorative, which means they work well in the home as a standalone piece.

How to create a layered Victorian Modern style

But how can you complement Victorian furniture in your modern home? Well, Victorian interiors were not afraid of colour; think rich reds, gold’s and sumptuous greens. Dramatic colours were often used in the dining or sitting room; you can incorporate the colour scheme alongside antique pieces without it appearing too much. For instance if you do not want to paint your whole room in a statement colour, try adding accents of bold colours through your furnishings such as upholstery, curtains and cushions to complement the look.

Victorian interiors were about excess with a hint of romance, this element of romance can easily be recreated whilst avoiding the elaborate excess, for example you may wish to reupholster a Victorian piece of furniture, such as a chaise longue with a modern fabric, fusing the two styles subtly. Incorporating fabrics, which feature chintz, velvet and lace will complement the style.

A window seat was often a key feature of Victorian homes, a lovely idyllic place to relax, if your home does not lend itself to such a feature why not invest in a Victorian day bed, which will give your space an air of romance. To achieve this romantic look also try incorporating an antique Victorian French country chair into an alcove or a Victorian ornament chandelier as a lighting feature, this will seamlessly fit with this style. Often Victorian furniture that features feminine curved lines will work better in a contemporary home.

Victorian Bed

However incorporating Victorian antiques into a modern home is not all about an air of romance, the Victorian’s had a variety of styles throughout the period so it is possible to achieve a number of different looks. If you want to convey a more dramatic Victorian look within your modern home, an ornate fireplace is key. Central to Victorian homes was the fireplace. Gothic and rococo style was revived during the Victorian period, and a variety of styles could be integral in one piece of antique furniture alone. A Gothic inspired mantel alongside pieces with arches, points, and statues in the room will create a certain look. Try adding heavy curtains and drapes to emphasise the look, something as simple as these two features can extenuate the style.

It may be that your desire is just to add the occasional Victorian accent to your modern interior and this is possible through something as simple as your lighting choices, think Brass lights with switches, or multiple decorative lamps, a Victorian floor lamp or tiffany lamp is also the perfect accent. It is not only lighting that will simply elevate the look, a Victorian photo frame, a stained glass window, or a button-backed chair will do to.

You can add an Aristocratic element to a room with a touch of Victorian furniture. Some Victorian pieces were hand crafted, high quality carved furniture was expensive and a testament of wealth during that period. Marble was also a feature and this fits well with one of the key trends for 2016 interiors, it is the perfect time to incorporate elements of marble into your bathroom for instance. You needn’t purchase an array of Victorian pieces a distressed Victorian chesterfield sofa creates a classical look or a standalone Victorian bath for example.

If you want to create a more modern look, whilst incorporating antiques, a French walnut dining table is the perfect focal piece in a dining room, add neutral walls and simple chairs, or use the chairs alongside a modern glass or steel table; It is possible to just incorporate one element of furniture. A white, neutral colour scheme will make single pieces of Victorian furniture stand out a bit more. It is very achievable to bring by gone days back into your modern home, whilst maintaining style and finesse and your interior not appearing too fussy.


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