Introducing Art Deco into your Interior

The Art Deco movement emerged in France after World War I, it was a move away from the hardship endured during this time and was known as the roaring 1920’s; a time of glamour, jazz, frivolities, fashion and luxury. 

Art Deco saw a huge shift towards modernisation; the Paris Exhibition of 1925, showcasing fashion, taste and luxury signalled the beginning of this. The Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes was an exhibit dedicated to modern, decorative arts; the term Art Deco was coined in the 1960’s when reminiscing on this exhibition. 

Art Deco spanned across the elements of design, from photography to architecture, transport to furniture and product designs. An eclectic style, it embodied the Flapper style, it was modern and luxurious and the craftsmanship and materials used were exemplary. Art Deco replaced the curved flowing lines of the Art Nouveau movement; furniture became machine-made and angular, with bold geometric patterns prominent. 

Art Deco was not just a type of design it was a lifestyle, it is the perfect design movement to incorporate into a modern home, as it was so full of style. The Art Deco furniture and accessories we’ve complied below would make the perfect additions to your home.

Venetian Art Deco Chandelier

Make Art Deco lighting a focal piece, this beautiful Venetian chandelier has glass leaves fanning out from the centre between the branches, there are four lights on each branch, in the shape of candle bulbs. 

The chandelier also features glass flowers and would look stunning in a dining room or lounge. It is being sold for £895 by Elmgarden Antiques.


Art Deco Walnut TV Cabinet

You don’t get many antiques in better condition than this Art Deco low TV cabinet; it is made from beautiful burr walnut and has a concave shaped front. The TV stand has six drawers framed by an attractive ebony inlay. The drawers are made from solid mahogany, a very durable wood.