Item of the Week - Large Antique Pine Double Wardrobe with Columns

Whilst their intended functionality has barely wavered since the earliest Wardrobes were made, the same can't be said for their style & appearance.  Be it a classic Georgian, an intricate Victorian or a streamlined Art Deco piece, wardrobes come in an abundance of styles so there is one to suit every abode.  


Wardrobes are very often the focal point of a bedroom and can habitually set the president for the style and decoration you decide upon, so it is imperative that you choose the right one for you. 

This weeks’ Item of the Week being offered for sale is this Impressive Antique Pine Double Wardrobe with Columns.  It dates from 1900 and displays classic decorative carvings typical of a Victorian piece of furniture, thus creating an ambience of grandeur.  It even has its original swinging hanging pegs inside the upper section of the wardrobe – a great feature which you may wish to preserve.

As this particular wardrobe has been stripped of its original paint, it has the potential to be stained, waxed or even painted to suit your unique style and theme.  It would indeed sit beautifully as an individual piece, but could also easily be integrated with a range of other bedroom furniture.  


It is being offered for sale by ‘Pinefinders Old Pine Furniture Warehouse’ for £890.


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