Item of the Week - Antique Pine Hall Stand

Picture the scene, it's a cold winters day, it's been raining outside and you've just got home. You have shopping bags in one hand, keys in the other, your coat is wet, you're wind swept, your hat, which was once perched nicely on your head, is now under your arm and your umbrella is stuffed under the other arm; don't you often wish you had somewhere where you could place all of these items neatly, instead of them ending up on the floor, or draped over various items of furniture?

Well this could be the answer to all of your problems. This weeks Item of the week is this fantastically simple, yet wonderfully functional Antique Pine Hall Stand.

It's the perfect solution to your clutter problems, with a shelf on the bottom for shoes perhaps, 6 upper hooks to hang your hats and jackets, two side stands for items such as walking sticks and umbrellas and a shelf at waist height for smaller items such as keys or phones. Alternatively, you could just use this for decorative purposes with a beautifully placed ornament or vase on the shelves

This Hall Stand dates from around 1900, which was of course the late Victorian/early Edwardian period. It's more in keeping with the Edwardian period however, as it's lines are sleek and simple and it's made from a light pine as opposed to the darker woods which were so typical of furniture from the Victorian period. It could be suited to a multitude of interiors and It's still in very good condition. It would make a welcome addition to your home.

This Antique Pine Hall Stand is being sold by Courtyard Antiques for £265


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