Item of The Week - Hollow Stemmed Antique Champagne Glasses C.1885.

With Christmas Day just around the corner, you're probably going through the mandatory check list; the presents are bought (and wrapped if you’re super-efficient!), you’ve invited your guests, the turkey is ordered and the cupboards are stocked with festive food and drinks. So what about setting the scene? Napkins, check, cutlery, check, Champagne, check, but what about the glasses?

If you don’t have enough or any at all, we may just have what you need. This weeks’ ‘Item of the week’ are these Antique Champagne Glasses with Hollow Stems.

These Victorian glasses which date from 1885 are simple and understated in their design and what we love about them is their non-conformist shape. Not typical of the tall slim Champagne glasses that we are naturally accustomed too, these Champagne glasses have a wider rim and a long hollow stem, so you can fill your glass and you’re sure to have plenty to toast the day away.

Inside, the glasses boast a pretty petal cut design which brings a touch fun to what appears on the outside to be a classically designed glass, and they come as a set of four.

They are in perfect condition and would make a welcome addition to your Dinner table, not just at Christmas time but for any occasion.

They are being sold by Albion House Antiques for £120


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