Item of The Week - Mahogany Adjustable Bed/Reading/Music Stand

Nowadays, you only have to take a look around to see how furniture is made with practicality and simple living in mind; designs have certainly changed to accommodate our changing lifestyles, with adaptability & space saving at the design forefront. But our generation aren’t the creators of such design ideas, and here’s proof that the Victorians were doing it long before us.  

This weeks’ Item of the Week is a multifunctional Antique Victorian Stand c. 1890

There’s something quite satisfying about purchasing an item that offers you versatility and value for money and that’s exactly what you’ll be getting with this Superb piece. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a reading/writing stand, a small dinner/lap table, a music stand, or you could even use it in bed or sat in a chair to prop up your favourite novel or your laptop.

Made out of Mahogany this 19th Century stand can be tucked under a bed or a chair and can also be used on the left or the right as the slope tilts at different angles. The height can also be adjusted therefore offering a multitude of positions. 

As it sits on castors, this wonderfully adaptable stand can be moved around with ease, which is handy for when it’s not in use. When set aside it could even be used as a side table or it could just be left to be admired for its’ unassuming yet splendid appearance.

This Stand is being sold by Nigel Parker Antiques for £320.


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