Item of The Week - French Victorian Brass & Mirror Hall Cabinet

If you’re not in to ‘selfies’ as a way to check out your appearance, as is the norm nowadays, and you prefer the more traditional method of looking in to a mirror, then this weeks ‘Item of The Week’ may just be of some interest to you. This week we bring you a Beautiful French Victorian Brass Mirror. But it’s not just a Mirror………

Dating from around 1880, this Oval Mirror serves a dual purpose, as the mirror is mounted centrally on to a door, which opens to reveal a cabinet with a hidden gem; This Mirror/Cabinet houses a lovely set of vanity clothes brushes, which are hung up inside. These brushes boast intricate detail, similar to that of the cabinets exterior & Interior. Indeed, the interior detail which sits behind where the brushes are hung, is quite charming and depicts a family scene. 

Its origin is European, French to be exact and as is so common with Antique French design, the cabinet is quite elaborate in its appearance with its ornate decoration and is made from brass.  The Dealer selling this mirror states that the supporting brace plate on the back has been replaced and some of the brass is ‘rubbed on the protruding edges of the general face’ but is generally in good, strong condition otherwise.  Personally, we think that this just adds to its antique charm. 

A piece such as this would be handy to have mounted on a wall in your hallway, close to your front door, as you can give yourself a quick brush down and take a final look in the mirror before you leave the house. And if you have no use for the clothes brushes, we’re sure you will have use for the cabinet for other small items.

This Victorian Brass Mirror & Cabinet is being sold by Norton Cross Emporium for £260.


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