Item of The Week - African Birthing Chair 1930

Centuries ago, birthing mums didn’t have the luxuries available to them during childbirth as they do nowadays. It was quite a straightforward, simple process whereby a woman was just expected to sit and get on with it! There weren’t various methods of pain relief available, and a ‘Birthing Pool’ was unheard of. In fact, one of the only pieces of equipment needed and indeed available in Childbirth, was a Birthing Chair, such as this one: -

This week’s item of the week is a rustic 1930’s African Birthing Chair. Although this one isn’t so much of a contraption as some older versions of a birthing chair, it still displays typical traits associated with this style of chair, namely the height (they were typically low to the ground so that the mum could use the ground to push against) and often had a sloping back to provide as much comfort as possible during labour.

Whilst this may not be of the same use to you nowadays as it was originally intended for, it still makes for a wonderfully decorative piece to have in the home, and could make a fantastic and somewhat unusual addition to any nursery or children’s playroom.

Constructed from hardwood, this African chair also has a carved back depicting Tribal men and plantation. It is presented in 2 parts and the panel seat has a lovely worn appearance. This chair would make a welcome addition to any home and is sure to be a talking point for years to come.

This interesting piece is being sold by IM Chaney Antique Furniture for £275.


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