Item of The Week - Kashmiri Moorish Screen c.1900

Open plan living is more popular now than ever before, and with ever increasing house prices, many of us are choosing to develop and improve our homes by extending and redesigning them. So, design hints and tips come in handy when planning to make these sorts of changes and with this in mind we have chosen an Antique Screen/ Room Divider as our ‘Item of The Week.’

This Kashmiri Moorish Screen dates from around 1900 and is a wonderfully decorative example of a design concept that has served many a purpose over the years; some of the earliest examples being of the Oriental variety, where these sorts of screens would be used in varying situations such as backdrops for ceremonial dances and were known to be used during tea drinking rituals. Through the years they have also been used as draft excluders, and dressing screens in bedrooms for ladies and gents to get dressed behind, in private.

In more recent years, and certainly nowadays, screens such as these are used in open plan living spaces as room dividers and can instantly transform a room, giving you flexibility whilst being super stylish. They can be used to partition larger rooms, creating a cosier environment when required, but can also be folded away when you want to open your room up.

This Folding screen is made up of 3 beautifully decorative panels and is constructed from Olive Wood. It displays a stunning brass inlaid design over each panel and has 3 small rectangular open sections on the upper panels, allowing light to travel through them. This would work well in varying décor styles, whether you use it as a room divider or simply a statement piece to admire.

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