Item of The Week - French Louis XIV Style Boulle Mantel Clock

When contemplating the addition of a clock to your home there will be many factors you will want to consider such as the style of the clock, the size, the movement and perhaps even the maker if reputation is important to you. The price of the clock will also be a major part of the decision you make, and whilst a well-made Antique Clock may not be as cheap as a mass-produced modern clock, it will hold its value and, in many cases, will increase in value with each passing year. For our Item of the week we have chosen a stunning 8 day French Louis XIV Style Boulle Mantel Clock.

Mantel clocks are a popular choice of clock for the home and indeed as gifts, as they are non-intrusive and small enough to sit on a mantel piece (hence the name!), which is very often the focal point of a living room, so the clock can be seen at a glance by all. This mantel clock is a wonderful example of French opulence. 

French clocks are known for their more elaborate design and are often made from or include some form of ormolu, which is the term used to describe the process whereby a fine layer of high carat gold is gilded on to materials such as bronze, as in this case, making them far more striking and attractive in their appearance. So, if you are looking to add a touch of glamour to your home, then this may be the clock for you.

Dating from the late 19th Century, this Antique Clock strikes on the hour and half hour. It is a highly decorative clock that has the most sublime inlaid floor and back door that can be seen through the front and side pendulum viewing windows. This great feature means that the beautiful detail of this clock can be enjoyed from various angles. With natural coloured tortoise shell and engraved brass complimenting the bronze gilt ormolu mounts and moulds, this clock would make a great addition to your home. And let’s not forget the little cherub finial sitting on the top and the ornate brass dial with contrasting white enamel numerals; simply stunning.

It is for sale from Arrowsmith Antiques & Restoration for £1,850.