Item of The Week - Rare Welsh Antique Porcelain Perfume Bottle

Today is ‘Dydd Santes Dwynwen.’ Now, unless you speak Welsh or have heard this before, you may wonder what on earth this phrase means. Quite simply, it translates to ‘Saint Dwynwen’s Day’ and is the Welsh equivalent of Valentine’s Day. Celebrated on 25th January this day is a celebration of St. Dwynwen, a 4th Century Welsh Princess who was the Patron Saint of lovers. To commemorate this day, we decided that our ‘Item of The Week’ should be something Welsh and related to Love, and look what we found… 

This right here is a silver mounted heart-shaped porcelain scent bottle. It dates from Edwardian times and is decorated on one side with pretty views from Great Orme, which is situated on the North coast of Wales, looking towards Llandudno and the bay. With many a rolling hill & its award-winning coastline, this sort of picturesque image is a common site across Wales and has been beautifully captured on this bottle.

This is a rare item and is likely to have been made as a souvenir. It has been well kept over the years as is noted to be in excellent condition for its age, without any damage. The porcelain is crack-free & the silver hallmarked lid is dent -free. It could therefore make for a wonderful Valentines gift, especially in its heart shaped form, and if you were to buy a bottle of perfume to go with this, it would surely put a smile on the face of your loved one.

So, if you want to venture away from the more traditional gifts commonly given on Valentine’s Day, and you’d like to give an Antique gift instead, this could be a winner. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a Valentine’s gift; you may simply have an affinity with Wales and might like to buy this for yourself, in which case, don’t let us stop you. Whatever, or whoever you are buying this for, we’re certain it will be gratefully received. 

This Perfume Bottle is for sale from RegencySilver Antiques for £225.


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