Item of the Week - Antique Victorian Turquoise Heart Forget Me Not Bracelet

Valentine’s Day is this week! We can’t believe it either, if you haven’t got your favourite person a gift yet and if you’re stuck for Valentine’s Day gift ideas then check out our Item of the week, this 9ct Gold Antique Victorian Turquoise Heart Forget Me Not Bracelet

Made up of fabulous 9ct Yellow Gold links, decorated with turquoise studded forget-me-nots and a wonderful heart charm in the centre, this Valentine’s Day bracelet is perfect for your special someone.

Show your romantic side this Valentine’s Day by sharing the loving story behind this bracelet; It is believed that the name for “Forget me not” flowers derived from an old German tale involving two lovers walking by a river one day. After picking a beautiful bouquet of blue flowers for his loved one, the poor gentleman sadly fell in the river and was swept away, but before he vanished he yelled out ‘Forget-me-not!’, giving the flowers their name and a long lasting symbolism of love and remembrance.

For sale from Laurelle Limited, you can purchase this beautiful bracelet today on for £1200.

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