Christmas Gifts Ideas from

When searching for gifts for friends and family, what are the main things that spring to mind? Perhaps its to find a unique gift that isn't sold everywhere, or it's to support a small business and give back to your local community, or it could even be to find a sustainable gift that hasn't negatively impacted the environment.

At, you can find thousands of sustainable gift ideas that match all of these requirements and don't hurt the environment, or your bank account.

There are so many different categories to choose from, including antique artwork, antique silver, antique jewellery, antique glass, antique ceramics and lots more to browse! So let's take a look at some of our favourite Christmas gifts ideas from our incredible and independent antiques dealers.

Antique & Vintage Bracelets

Early 20th Century Aquamarine and Gold Bracelet

When browsing for jewellery for your wife or girlfriend, there's no better way to find high quality and decorative jewellery pieces than from our antique jewellery and vintage jewellery categories. You can find unique pieces of jewellery that you know no one else will be wearing, making your gifts far more special this Christmas.

This pretty gold bracelet is set with seven oval aquamarines and stamped 9 carrots. The delicacy in its design makes this piece the perfect gift idea for anyone who appreciates the higher quality jewellery items.

Pretty Cultured Pearl & Gem Set Bracelet

Bracelets for girlfriends and wives don't get prettier than this pearl and gem set bracelet, with six petalled daisies centred by a black diamond with smaller amethyst flowers between on a plain gold frame, stamped 9k. If your girlfriend loves sustainable fashion and enjoys supporting small businesses, then why not treat her with this unique gift idea, knowing that you are giving back to the community this Christmas time. What makes jewellery from the 1950s so special, is that you know the quality be incredibly high, allowing the piece of jewellery to last for years and years to come, allowing your keepsakes and meaningful presents to last forever.

Antique Victorian Citrine & Pearl Bangle

´╗┐This is such a special, 9ct gold, late Victorian, Citrine & Seed Pearl Bangle to treat you loved one with. Coming with with Etruscan revival vibes, it has a large round cut rich yellow citrine set centre front with rows of creamy seed pearls either side. Etruscan revival refers to jewellery that was modelled after the ancient Roman Empire and more specifically the Etruscan civilisation of ancient Italy in Tuscany, western Umbria and northern Lazio (700-300 BC). Many of the figurines presented in Etruscan revival relate to Ancient Greek and Ancient Rome, showing how aware the Etruscan culture was of Greek Mythology, as so many of their pieces related to this era.

´╗┐Antique & Vintage Watches

Omega 18ct Gold Gents Wristwatch