Five Different Types of Candle Holders

It doesn’t matter if you’re lighting them for a religious ceremony, you’re trying to create a romantic atmosphere, or you’re simply a witch beginning a sacrament; we can all appreciate the warm and inviting glow of candlelight.

Today, we’re going to check out 5 different types of candle holders and maybe help you figure out which one you like the most.


The classic gothic romantic candlestick, the candelabra is established as a candlestick that holds multiple candles. Usually, this culminates in one sturdy stand that you can hold in one hand, which expands out in multiple directions to hold anywhere between two and ten candles.

If you’ve got a thing for the dramatic and you fancy the sight of yourself in a luxurious nightgown careening down winding corridors, check out a candelabra the next time you’re in the need for some mood lighting. Perhaps this type of candle holder is perfect for the hopeless romantic who loves nothing more than making an entrance.


If you picture a typical straight-up-and-down candlestick, a taperstick is basically like that, except it is smaller and thinner. This type of candle holder was meant to hold smaller candles than the average. These candles were mostly used to melt wax in order to seal documents like letters.

Maybe you’re an old-school soul who likes the idea of embracing the written word once more. If this is the case, a delicate antique taperstick is perfect for having just the right amount of heat to melt that sealant wax. Tapersticks are also quite collectable since they are smaller and more delicate than they more common counterparts. Considering starting your own personal exhibit?

Column Candlesticks

These candlesticks are more or less as you expect them to be; they are designed after the overall build of columns. They came to prominent popularity during the 18th and 19th centuries, when discoveries of Ancient Roman and Ancient Greek ruins made it very popular to replicate designs of these cultures.

Are you a history buff? If so, column candlesticks will allow you to blur the line between feeling Victorian and Grecian. Composite and Ionic column styles are the most commonly replicated in candle holders, but you can find others such as the classic Corinthian and Doric columns as well. The perfect candle holders for architects and designers alike.


These candle holders are perfect for actual contemporary use around the house. Short, stubby holders, these usually have a dish or tray at the base of the holder, as well as a handle at the edge of said dish. These candle holders were used in the bed chamber, being intended to keep the room light enough while you get ready for bed, then you can carry it to your bedside and safely blow it out – or leave the candle in there to burn out as only short candles were used for this.

These nifty little candle holders make for a nice nod to the past even without being used – they’re great display pieces.

Lyre Candlesticks

The last type of candle holder we’re going to check out today is the lyre candlestick. These are among the more popular vintage candlesticks around, although there are still antique examples of the same design. For these candlesticks, the body of the holder itself takes a form reminiscent of the musical instrument from which it gets its name.

Five metal ‘strings’ come together at either end of the shaft, while a mirrored scrolling line borders them, perfectly replicating the overall shape and design of the lyre instrument. Great for musicians? Perhaps just those who know a beautiful and practical item when they see it? Either way, it’s hard to take your eyes off of them.

There are a great many types of candle holders out there, but these five are the ones that evoke the most romance and drama, which is surely what candles are all about, eh? It doesn’t matter if you want your candles loud and proud or subtly enhancing the corners of your room; there’s something here for everyone.

Which style is your favourite?

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Image credits:

Candelabra: Danish Sterling Silver Two Light Candelabra by Georg Jensen - Arts & Crafts Style 1931

Tapersticks: Sterling Silver Taperstick - Antique Victorian 1846

Column Candlesticks: Set of Four Matched Victorian Silver Corinthian Column Style Candlesticks

Chambersticks: Georgian Revival Silver Plate Candle Holder

Lyre Candlesticks: Sterling Silver Lyre Candlesticks - George V 1928