Vintage Powder Bowl featured in Killing Eve

One of our fabulous antiques dealers, the Vintage Compact Shop, had their vintage powder bowls featured on the popular programme. The piece that was chosen to be featured was produced by the British firm, A. S. Brown & Co. Manufacturing Ltd.

A little piece of history about the vintage powder bowl

ASB were commissioned by prestigious shipping lines to make gifts for their first class passengers. Typically, ladies would be gifted vanities with the shipping line logo emblazoned on the lid. These delightful souvenir vanities became treasured possessions and special reminders of the luxurious voyage which may have been a once in a lifetime cruise.

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A printed gift card included with the powder bowl reads as follows: 

With the Compliments 

of the

Chairman and Managing Directors

at the 

P. & O. S. N. Company


The Peninsula & Oriental Steam Navigation Company originally operated on the Iberian Peninsula. In 1844 P&O became the first company in the world to offer passenger cruises. The company became very powerful, bought out other operators & built faster & more luxurious vessels that travelled to the most exotic locations. 

The Peninsula & Oriental Steam Navigation Company Logo

The powder bowl bears the P & O coat of arms and the inscription -

Quis nos separabit (who will separate us)

The enchanting coat of arms is decorated with a lion, an elephant, a dragon & a kangaroo, which represented their considerable interests in Britain, India, China & Australia.

The scene in Killing Eve

In the scene where Konstantin was making sure Villanelle hadn't packed any weapons, he was checking through her luggage and he opened the powder bowl where he found she had packed razor wire.