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2017 - Archive

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Item of The Week - Early 19th Century Part Tea Service c.1820
With Mothers’ Day just a little over a week away we have chosen this weeks ‘Item of The Week’ with this in mind. Mothers’ Day is of course a day whereby we show our appreciation a little more than normal for our wonderful Mothers, and we shower her with gifts whilst ensuring that she relaxes with her feet up. ... See more
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In Search of 'The Holy Grail'
LoveAntiques.com is on a mission to find the worlds finest undiscovered Antiques & just for fun, we thought we'd start off aiming high by looking for the worlds greatest antiquity..........The Holy Grail.... See more
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Item of The Week - Late 19th Century 5 Piece French Painted Salon Suite
It’s March, the daffodils are blooming, the birds are signing and the sun is even popping out every now and again, enticing us and reminding us that Spring is in the air. It is however still a little on the chilly side, so how about enjoying things from the warmth of your conservatory or sun room perhaps, just until it warms up a bit?! Why not add this superb Late 19th Century 5 Piece French Painted Salon Suite to your home, making your relaxing space, wherever it may be, the perfect place to retreat to, to enjoy this splendid time of year?... See more
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Item of The Week - Edmund H. Niemann Landscape Oil 'Nr Knaresboro'
There’s nothing quite like a piece of Landscape Art to bring life to a room, a space, an empty wall even. So this week we have chosen this delightful painting as our ‘Item of The Week’ as we are simply struck by its splendour and beauty.... See more
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Item of The Week - Victorian Silver Easel Mirror c.1888
It seems only fitting that with just under 2 weeks until Valentines’ Day, our Item of the week had to be Valentine themed. It doesn’t however, have to be all about Engagement rings because you may very well have already tied the knot! ... See more
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The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Engagement rings have been worn since the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria was given a snake ring by her husband to be, Prince Albert. This ring style then became popular all over England and Europe, as people wished to emulate any item which Queen Victoria wore.... See more
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Item of The Week - Antique Victorian Silver Jewellery Casket c.1897
In little under a months’ time, people worldwide will be declaring their love for each other as they partake in the tradition that is, Valentines’ Day; A day where we express just that little bit more how much we care, a day where we bestow gifts upon our loved ones, a day of love. So say it with flowers, say it with chocolates, say it with poetry, or you could say it with this Antique Victorian Silver Jewellery Casket!... See more
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Item of The Week - Antique Carved Oak Settle
We wanted our first ‘Item of The Week’ of 2017 to be something outstanding, something that will excite and something that could bring you much enjoyment, so we are presenting to you, this stunning Antique Carved Oak Settle.... See more